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FUJITSU (fi-7140) Image Scanner


FUJITSU trope Scanner

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**Fujitsu fi-7140 Double Scanner: A Versatile Scanning Solution**

Please note that the availability of support and certain functions may vary depending on your region. Additionally, some features may not be usable with the Image Scanner driver for Linux.

**Key Features and Specifications:**
– **Double Scanning**: The Fujitsu fi-7140 is a double scanner, capable of efficiently scanning both sides of documents.
– **Flexible Scanning Area**: You can scan documents that exceed the legal sheet length. Long-page scanning supports papers with a length of up to 5,588 mm (220 inches) when the resolution is set to 200 dpi or less.
– **Card Scanning**: It can read up to 3 cards at a time (please note that multi-embossed add-in feedability is not supported).
– **Actual Scan Speed**: The actual scanning speed depends on data transmission and software processing times. The indicated speeds are achieved using JPEG compression.
– **Maximum Capacity**: The maximum capacity varies depending on the weight of the paper.
– **Selectable Maximum Density**: The maximum density may vary depending on the length of the scanned document.
– **Limitations at High Resolution**: Some limitations may apply to the size of documents that can be scanned, particularly in a high-resolution setting (over 600 dpi).
– **Compatibility**: Please be aware that some functions offered by PaperStream IP may not be available with the WIA Driver.
– **Software Download**: You can download the necessary software from the designated website mentioned in the Setup DVD-ROM.

In summary, the Fujitsu fi-7140 Double Scanner is a versatile scanning solution that offers flexibility in scanning various types of documents, including long pages and cards. While certain limitations may apply in high-resolution settings or depending on your region, it provides efficient and reliable scanning capabilities for your needs. For detailed support and functionality information, please refer to the documentation and resources available on Fujitsu’s website.


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