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BIOMAX N – BM20 + Idaho pro establish angstrom_unit
BASIC This cost the solution to an small group of people in need of Biometric Solution that live effective and budget friendly too .
The answer to what is required for the nigh basic attendance Needs .
The right CPU be the heart of this device , giving user the required speed In everyday functions .
internal Battery Backup .
An sizable source of power within the device is present for some scenarios .
habit we hold what A user needs , whether the user has to affirm ink , mehndi or whatever colour , even rough , dry fingers too .
BM20 pro conform_to the heathen way of LAN overseas_telegram based network .
information_technology also have the USB medium for manual data log fetching as well as SSR Report .
N – BM20 + ID be produced keep only one thing in mind , what if we have vitamin_A small hands of around fifty person and we deficiency to manage attendance .
This basic but efficient device provide connectivity of multiple branches to group_A head office using information_technology push Data Technology .
pass_on out Fingerprint verification
A well as RFID Card attendance check too for flexibility .
N – BM20 has proved to constitute of great performance under economic budget of our customers .
BioMax has been into Biometrics business since its establishment in the yr 2014 .
We offer a wide chain_of_mountains of products , which include Fingerprint , RFID , ribbon and nervus_facialis prison_term & Attendance , Access Control , Single and Multi door Access systems , Biometrics ground enrollment solutions .

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Introducing the BIOMAX N-BM20+ ID Pro Basic Fingerprint Time Attendance System:

– Memory Capacity:
– Fingerprint Capacity: 1,000 fingerprints for secure access.
– Card Capacity: 1,000 card entries for added convenience.
– Log Capacity: Stores a vast history of up to 150,000 logs for monitoring and tracking.
– Password Capacity: Supports 1,000 password entries for access control.
– Maximum Users: Can accommodate up to 1,000 users.
– Communication:
– Interfaces: TCP/IP and USB connectivity for data transfer.
– Push Data: Supports data push functionality for real-time updates.
– Operating System: Runs on the Linux operating system.
– Audio/Visual Features:
– Display: Equipped with a 2.4″ TFT color screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels.
– Voice Guidance: Provides 16-bit Hi-Fi voice and sound indications.
– Language Support: Offers support for the English language.
– Biometric Performance:
– FAR (False Acceptance Rate): Extremely low at 0.00001% for enhanced security.
– FRR (False Rejection Rate): Minimal at 0.001% for reliable authentication.
– Sensor Type: Utilizes a high-resolution 500 DPI sensor for accurate readings.
– Identification Modes: Supports multiple identification modes, including fingerprint, card, and PIN.
– Power and Environment:
– Built-in Battery: Includes an inbuilt battery for uninterrupted operation.
– Operating Temperature: Suitable for use within a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C.
– Power Supply: Requires 5V DC/1A power input.
– Dimensions: Compact in size with dimensions of 180mm x 130mm x 35mm.

The BIOMAX N-BM20+ ID Pro Basic Fingerprint Time Attendance System offers advanced biometric features, a user-friendly interface, and robust security measures for efficient time and access management.


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