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DAHUA DHI-ART-ARC3000H-03-W2(868) Alarm KIT

1 : radio_receiver dismay kit
2 : Including one each of groundwork Model Hub , PIR , magnetic Contact , and Keyfob
3 : British standard power supply : “

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You can purchase the DAHUA DHI-ART-ARC3000H-03-W2(868) alarm kit from an authorized supplier in the UAE for DAHUA products, specifically from in DAHUA Dubai.

Here’s a description of the product’s key features:

1. Supports 150 wireless peripherals, including 6 sirens and 64 wireless keyfobs.
2. Provides peripheral status display, showing signal strength, battery level, temperature, and program version.
3. Equipped with double SIM and Single Standby, allowing for automatic switching.
4. Features Automatic Network Replacement (ANR).
5. Supports TV linkage on the app.
6. Includes an SOS emergency alarm.
7. Utilizes Frequency Hop Mapping and two-way communication technology for stable communication.
8. Offers cloud update and automatic recovery from update failures.

This alarm kit is designed to provide comprehensive security and monitoring capabilities.


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