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DrayTek Vigor 2912n Dual WAN Router



**DrayTek Vigor 2912n Dual WAN Router: Your Ultimate Network Solution**

**Key Features:**
– **Dual WAN for Load Balancing or Redundancy:** The Vigor 2912n offers dual WAN ports, allowing you to balance your internet traffic for faster and more reliable connections, or use one as a backup for redundancy.
– **5-Port Fast Ethernet:** With five high-speed Ethernet ports, you can connect multiple devices to your network effortlessly.
– **Built-in VPN Router:** This router comes with VPN capabilities, making it a secure choice for connecting remote offices or employees.
– **USB Port:** The router includes a USB port that can be used for 3G/4G WAN connections, connecting printers, or creating network-attached storage for your files.
– **Supports 16 Concurrent VPN Tunnels:** You can establish up to 16 VPN tunnels simultaneously, ensuring secure communication for your business needs.
– **SSL VPN Support:** It also supports up to eight SSL VPN connections, adding an extra layer of security to your remote access.

Upgrade your network with the DrayTek Vigor 2912n Dual WAN Router, a versatile and secure solution that offers load balancing, redundancy, and multiple VPN options. It’s your gateway to a faster, more reliable, and highly secure network.

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**Get the DrayTek Vigor 2912n Dual WAN Router at an Unbeatable Price from an Authorized Supplier, Delivered to UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah)**

**Product Overview:**
– **Brand:** DrayTek
– **Model Number:** Vigor 2912n
– **Type:** Wireless Ethernet Router
– **IPv4 Features:** DHCP Client, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, 802.1p/q Multi-VLAN Tagging
– **IPv6 Features:** Tunnel Mode (PPP, TSPC, AICCU, 6in4, 6rd), Dual Stack (DHCPv6 Client, Static IPv6, DSLite)
– **USB WAN:** PPP
– **Outbound Policy-based Load Balance**
– **WAN Connection Failover**
– **30,000 NAT Sessions**
– **Firewall Features:** Multi-NAT, DMZ Host, Port Redirection
– **GTIN Number:** 4716779070446

**Product Details:**
The DrayTek Vigor 2912n is a versatile network management solution designed with small businesses in mind. It offers dual-WAN capability for load balancing and link redundancy, ensuring a reliable internet connection. Additionally, it functions as a robust VPN server, supporting up to 16 concurrent tunnels.

With its firewall and content filtering features, you can control both incoming and outgoing network traffic, enhancing your network’s security. The router also includes bandwidth management tools to optimize your bandwidth allocation, ensuring efficient use of your subscribed internet speeds.

Get the best out of your network with the DrayTek Vigor 2912n Dual WAN Router, now available at a great price through an authorized supplier, with delivery options to the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.


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