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DrayTek Vigor 2926Lac Multi WAN router with 4G LTE

The DrayTek Vigor2926Lac is a versatile multi-WAN router with a 4G LTE SIM card slot (150/50Mbps) and various advanced features:

– Quad-WAN router with 2 Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports.
– Supports IEEE 802.11ac (AC2000) wave 2 wireless access with up to 1.7Gbps throughput.
– Includes a slot for FDD & TDD 4G LTE SIM cards (supports multiple bands).
– 1 USB 2.0 interface for 3G/4G LTE modems, FTP server, network printer, or temperature sensor.
– Single WAN or Multi-WAN load balancing and failover.
– 4 Gigabit LAN ports with support for multiple subnets and 50,000 NAT sessions.
– Integrated IEEE 802.11ac (AC2000) dual-band wireless access point.
– Object-based SPI Firewall and CSM (Content Security Management) for network security.
– Supports QoS (Quality of Service) functions.
– IPv6 and IPv4 support.
– Increased IP address capacity (1022) and IP subnets (8).
– 16 VLANs for secure workgroup management.
– 50 VPN tunnels (including 25 SSL VPN tunnels) with comprehensive secure protocols.
– Fast VPN throughput, VPN load balancing, and backup for site-to-site applications.
– High Availability mode for uninterrupted network connectivity.
– Central AP Management for deploying multiple wireless VigorAPs.
– Central VPN Management for up to eight remote Vigor routers.
– Free Smart Monitor Network Traffic Analyzer (30 nodes).
– Supports VigorACS 2 (Central Management System) for multi-site deployment.
– Includes a 2-year warranty.

This router is suitable for businesses looking for a high-performance, secure, and flexible networking solution with support for multiple WAN connections and advanced management features.

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The DrayTek Vigor2926Lac Multi-WAN router with 4G LTE SIM card slot offers the following features:

– 4 Gigabit WAN ports for load balancing or failover.
– 2 USB ports for 3G/4G USB modems, printers, network storage, or temperature sensors.
– Supports up to 100 simultaneous VPN tunnels, including 25 SSL VPN tunnels.
– IPv6 support on WAN and LAN.
– 802.11ac (AC2000) for faster Wi-Fi speeds.
– SPI Firewall for security.
– Suitable for remote locations with no fixed-line coverage, NBN coverage, load balancing or failover backup for existing primary network connections, temporary installations (disaster recovery, exhibitions, events), and providing internet access on public transportation.
– High availability mode for continuous network connectivity.
– Rack-mountable design.
– Advanced features like increased IP address support, VLANs, and more.
– LTE/4G SIM card slot for mobile broadband access.
– SMS feature for notifications and configuration.
– Multiple WAN interface support for load balancing or failover.
– LAN management features, including VLAN support.
– Wireless LAN with IEEE 802.11ac for fast Wi-Fi.
– Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritization.
– Firewall features for security.
– VPN and SSL-VPN support.
– Central VPN Management (CVM) for easy VPN configuration.
– Central AP Management (APM) for managing wireless access points.
– Remote access management options, including TR-069 integration.
– High Availability Mode for hardware redundancy.
– Various hardware interfaces and management options.

This router is a versatile networking solution suitable for various business scenarios and offers advanced features to ensure secure and reliable connectivity.


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