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DrayTek Vigor 2926n router with Security Firewall

**Vigor2926n Dual WAN Gigabit Broadband Router with Security Firewall and 802.11n Wi-Fi**

– Dual Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports for failover and load balancing.
– Two USB 2.0 ports for connecting two 3G/4G LTE USB modems, FTP server, and network printer.
– Four Gigabit LAN ports with multiple subnets and support for up to 50,000 NAT sessions.
– 50 VPN tunnels, including 25 SSL VPN tunnels, with fast throughput, load balancing, and backup for site-to-site applications.
– Supports 16 VLANs for secure workgroup management.
– IPv6 and IPv4 support.
– Increased IP address capacity (1022) and support for up to 8 IP subnets.
– Integrated IEEE 802.11n wireless access point.
– High availability mode.
– Object-based SPI firewall and Content Security Management (CSM) for network security.
– Compatibility with VigorACS 2 for centralized management in multi-site deployments.
– Central VPN management for up to 8 remote Vigor routers.
– Central AP management for deploying multiple wireless VigorAPs.
– Includes a free Network Traffic Analyzer for monitoring up to 30 nodes.
– Comes with a 2-year warranty.


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**DrayTek Vigor 2926n Router with Security Firewall: Reliable and Secure Broadband Connectivity**

**Key Features:**

– **Dual WAN Gigabit Broadband Router:** The Vigor 2926n series ensures reliable broadband connectivity with multi-WAN access.

– **Load Balancing and Failover:** Two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports can be operated in either load balancing or failover mode to ensure a stable internet connection.

– **USB Ports for Additional Connectivity:** Two USB ports support 3G/4G/LTE USB modems to provide additional wireless internet access.

– **Comprehensive Network Functions:** The Vigor 2926 series offers a wide range of functions, including VLAN support, Bandwidth Management, Quality of Service, DNS Control, SPI Firewall, Web Content Filtering, and centralized management solutions, ensuring a reliable and secure network.

**Advanced Features:**

– **Faster Wi-Fi Speed:** Enjoy faster Wi-Fi speeds with 802.11ac Wave II dual-band wireless, providing speeds of up to 1.7Gbps (ac/Vac model).

– **Increased IP Address Support:** The Vigor 2926 series supports a larger number of IP addresses, making it suitable for larger LANs.

– **Enhanced VLAN, Subnet, and VLAN Support:** Enjoy increased IP subnets, VLANs, and VLANs in this series.

– **Improved Processor and Throughput:** Benefit from a faster processor and improved NAT/Firewall throughput.

– **Multiple VPN Tunnels:** Supports up to 50 VPN tunnels, including 25 SSL VPN tunnels, with compatibility for various tunneling protocols.

– **Centralized Management:** Can serve as the central management portal for all Vigor devices on the same network, including VigorAPs and VigorSwitches, streamlining administration.

**Hardware Interface:**

– Multiple LAN and WAN ports, detachable antennas, USB ports, and more.

**Firewall & Security:**

– Utilizes a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewall with flexible filter rules and DoS (Denial of Service) defense.

**Comprehensive VPN:**

– Supports LAN-to-LAN and Remote Dial-in VPN with multiple tunneling protocols.

**Flexible LAN Management:**

– Supports VLANs, Port-based VLANs, and more for efficient network management.

**Centralized Device Management:**

– Can manage all Vigor devices on the network through a single portal.

**Additional Network Features:**

– DHCP, DNS filtering, NTP client, RADIUS/TACACS+ client, and more.

**User-Friendly Web Interface:**

– Easily configure and manage the router through a web-based user interface.

**Enhanced Wireless Capabilities:**

– Multiple SSIDs, rate control, WMM support, and VLAN grouping with LAN ports.

Experience reliable and secure broadband connectivity with the Vigor 2926n series, equipped with advanced features for efficient network management and robust security.


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