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DrayTek Vigor 2927ax Gigabit Dual-WAN Ethernet Router with Wi-Fi 6



**DrayTek Vigor 2927ax: Your Ultimate Dual-WAN WiFi 6 Broadband Router**

**Key Features:**

– **Maximize FTTP Fiber Broadband:** The DrayTek Vigor 2927ax is designed to help you get the most out of your FTTP Fiber broadband connection with impressive Gigabit WAN throughput. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including a powerful firewall, content filtering, VPN support (client/server), and Quality of Service controls.

– **Cutting-Edge WiFi 6:** The Vigor 2927ax boasts the latest WiFi 6 technology, providing a high-speed and efficient AX3000 wireless network for your computers and devices. With OFDMA support, the router can efficiently transmit data to multiple clients simultaneously.

– **Reliable and Versatile Networking:** The V2927ax offers a reliable, flexible, and secure networking solution, making it an excellent choice for small businesses and home offices.

Experience the best in broadband connectivity with the DrayTek Vigor 2927ax. This router is equipped with advanced features and WiFi 6 technology, ensuring high-performance wireless connectivity for your network. Perfect for both small businesses and home offices.

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**DrayTek Vigor 2927ax: Buy at a Competitive Price from an Authorized Supplier in the UAE**

**Key Features:**

– **Dual-WAN Load Balance Firewall VPN Router:** The DrayTek Vigor 2927ax is designed to maximize the potential of FTTP Fiber broadband with impressive Gigabit throughput. It comes equipped with extensive firewall capabilities, content filtering, and powerful VPN client/server features, along with Quality of Service (QoS) controls.

– **Wi-Fi 6 Enabled:** This router features Wi-Fi 6 technology, offering a fast and efficient AX3000 wireless network to connect your computers and devices. OFDMA support allows the router to transmit data to multiple devices simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.

– **Reliable and Secure Networking Solution:** The Vigor 2927ax provides a reliable, flexible, and secure network solution, making it ideal for small businesses.

**Key Highlights:**

1. Dual-WAN Gigabit Ethernet Router with Load Balancing & Failover
2. Up to 950Mbps throughput per WAN interface, 1800Mbps in total
3. Up to 300Mbps IPsec VPN Throughput
4. Supports 50 LAN-to-LAN & Remote Teleworker VPN Tunnels
5. Accommodates 25 DrayTek SSL VPN or OpenVPN Tunnels
6. Features 5 + 1 Gigabit RJ-45 LAN Ports
7. AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band Wireless
8. Supports 8 LAN Subnets with VLANs (Port-based / 802.1q)
9. Equipped with SPI Firewall and Content Filtering
10. Optional VigorCare Available
11. Compatible with VigorACS Central Management

Enhance your network capabilities with the DrayTek Vigor 2927ax, a high-performance router that offers advanced features and Wi-Fi 6 technology. Purchase it at a competitive price from an authorized supplier in the UAE, including Dubai.


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