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ESSL (ML10DB) Fingerprint Door lock

The eSSL ML10DB Fingerprint Door Lock is a cutting-edge security solution with Bluetooth connectivity and offers various features for convenient and secure access control:

– **Bluetooth Connection**: This door lock is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to unlock and manage access using the ZKBioBT App on their smartphones.

– **Capacitive Sensing Technology**: It utilizes advanced capacitive sensing technology, enabling users to simply touch the lock to open it, providing quick and hassle-free access.

– **Idle Handle Design**: The lock features an idle handle design that helps prevent unauthorized entry attempts.

– **Data Storage**: Even in the event of a power loss, user registration data is securely stored, ensuring that your access control settings remain intact.

– **Reversible Components**: The handle, latch, and strike are reversible, making it suitable for installation on doors with various configurations and opening directions.

– **Easy Installation and Use**: Installation and programming are straightforward, and the lock is user-friendly. No electrical wiring is required, simplifying the setup process.

The eSSL ML10DB Fingerprint Door Lock offers a blend of convenience and security, making it an ideal choice for enhancing access control in residential and commercial settings.

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The eSSL ML10DB Fingerprint Door Lock is a high-quality security solution with the following technical specifications:

– Storage Capacity: This door lock is equipped with advanced storage capacity for efficient fingerprint recognition and access control.

– Material: It is constructed with a durable zinc alloy mortise that ensures long-lasting performance and security.

– German-Language Standard Single Latch: The door lock features a single latch mechanism built to German language standards, providing reliable locking and unlocking functionality.

– Dimensions:
– Front Plate: 69mm (Width) x 155mm (Length) x 35mm (Depth)
– Back Plate: 69mm (Width)

These specifications highlight the quality and reliability of the eSSL ML10DB Fingerprint Door Lock, making it an excellent choice for enhancing the security of your premises.


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