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Fanvil X303W Enterprise IP Phone


The Fanvil X303W is a cost-effective, high-performance color screen Wi-Fi IP phone designed especially for enterprises. This feature-packed device boasts a 2.4-inch 320×240 pixel color screen, supports up to four SIP lines, and accommodates local 6-party conferencing for a user-friendly experience.

Here are some highlights of the Fanvil X303W:

1️⃣ Impressive 2.4-inch 320×240 pixel color screen.
2️⃣ Supports audio codecs G.722 and Opus, delivering HD audio on both the speakerphone and handset.
3️⃣ Enables 6-party local conferences, enhancing collaboration.
4️⃣ Compatible with EHS wireless headsets for added convenience.
5️⃣ Equipped with built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, offering flexible connectivity options.
6️⃣ Easy installation with a choice of desktop stand or wall mounting.

Upgrade your business communication experience with the Fanvil X303W, combining affordability and top-notch performance. It’s the perfect choice for enterprises seeking effective and high-quality communication solutions.

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Key Features of the Fanvil X303W:

📞 Enterprise-Grade IP Phone: Designed for professional use.
🌐 Operating System: Linux-based for stability and reliability.
🖥️ Main Screen: Features a 320×240 resolution, 2.4-inch color display.
💡 Backlit Display: Ensures visibility even in low-light environments.

Upgrade your communication setup with the Fanvil X303W IP phone. Contact us today for the best prices and service!


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