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FortiGate 401E

The FortiGate 401E provides next-generation firewall capabilities suitable for mid-sized to large enterprises. It offers the flexibility to be deployed either at the campus or in enterprise branch locations. Its robust features enable protection against cyber threats, thanks to its high-performance security processor, effective security measures, and comprehensive visibility into network activities.

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The FortiGate 401E is a security solution designed to provide robust protection for network traffic by identifying thousands of applications within the traffic, allowing for deep inspection and precise security enforcement. It offers protection against various threats, including malware, exploits, and malicious websites, whether the traffic is encrypted or not.

Key Features:
1. **Security:** Identifies a wide range of applications within network traffic, enabling thorough inspection and effective security measures.
2. **Malware Protection:** Guards against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic.
3. **Threat Detection:** Utilizes continuous threat intelligence from AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security services to detect and prevent known and unknown threats.
4. **Performance:** Achieves industry-leading threat protection performance with minimal latency through purpose-built security processor (SPU) technology. It excels in protecting SSL-encrypted traffic as well.
5. **Certification:** Independently tested and certified for its security effectiveness and performance. It has received certifications from organizations like AV-Test, ICSA Labs, and more.
6. **Scalability:** Offers scalable IPsec VPN capabilities to streamline networking and security.
7. **Management:** Features a user-friendly management console that provides comprehensive web automation and visibility. It also supports Zero Touch integration with Security Fabric for seamless operation.

The FortiGate 401E is a reliable security solution for businesses looking to safeguard their network infrastructure against a wide range of cyber threats while maintaining optimal performance and management ease.


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