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Gigaset AS690 IP The VoIP and fixed line phone.


1 : back_up for analogue and internet based telephony
2 : splendid audio / hand free mode prime ( HDSP voice )

3 : large black and white 2 ” pictorial display , illuminated , with high contrast
4 : Phonebook can store up to 150 names and numbers
5 : With free app

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Looking for a great deal on the Gigaset AS690 IP and fixed-line phone? Your search ends here! We offer the Gigaset AS690 at the best prices from an authorized supplier in the UAE. Whether you need VoIP or fixed-line connectivity, we’ve got you covered.

**General Features:**
– Connection: Analog and VoIP
– Number of Telephone Lines (Analog): 1
– Number of Call Bits (IP): 6
– Number of Call in Twin (Analog): 1
– Number of Call in Line of Latitude (IP): 2
– DECT Standards: DECT and GAP
– User Interface: LAN Port
– ECO DECT: Automatic reduction of transmission power, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low energy consumption

**Audio Features:**
– Sound Quality/Acoustic Features: HD Voice (Wideband voice)
– Handsfree Talking: Convenient full-duplex hands-free chat
– Handsfree Spill Handset/Base: Yes, telephone adjustable volume via menu
– Number of Ringtones: 25
– Display Features: Alphanumeric black and white illuminated display
– Dimensions (H x W mm): 34 x 36
– Diagonal Spreadhead (Inch): 2.0
– Resolution (Pixels): 96 x 64
– Jumbo Fonts: Yes
– Display of Caller: Display of caller ID of the last, missed call with time and date (20), received call with time and date (20), list of all calls with time and date (60)
– Multilingual Menu: Yes (Several display languages)
– Time/Date Displayed: Yes
– Number of Languages: 21

**Keypad Features:**
– Illuminated Keypad: Yes
– Easy Handling with Navigation Key: Yes
– Message Indicator Key: Yes

Upgrade your communication setup with the Gigaset AS690. Contact us today for the best prices and service!


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