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Grandstream UCM6301 IP PBX


The UCM6300 series is designed to empower businesses by providing them with a robust and scalable unified communication and collaboration solution. This series of IP PBXs offers a platform that consolidates all aspects of business communication into a centralized network. It includes various communication features such as voice calls, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, web meetings, data management, analytics, mobility solutions, access control, intercom systems, and more.

Key features of the UCM6300 series include:

**User Support:** It supports up to 3000 users, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses.

**Built-in Web Meetings and Video Conferencing:** The series includes a built-in solution for web meetings and video conferencing, allowing employees to connect from their desktops, mobile devices, GVC series devices, and IP phones.

**Hybrid Platform:** It can be integrated with the UCM6300 ecosystem to offer a hybrid platform that combines the control of an on-premise IP PBX with the remote access capabilities of a cloud solution.

**UCM RemoteConnect:** The UCM6300 series offers UCM RemoteConnect, a cloud NAT traversal service that ensures secure remote connections for users.

**Cloud Setup and Management:** It supports cloud setup and management through GDMS (Grandstream Device Management System), simplifying the administration of the system.

**API Integration:** An API is available for integration with third-party platforms, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs.

With a rich set of features that include mobility solutions, robust security, meeting and collaboration tools, the UCM6300 series provides organizations with a powerful and comprehensive communication platform. It is designed to enhance productivity, streamline communication, and facilitate collaboration within and beyond the organization.

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The Grandstream UCM6301 is an IP PBX system designed for businesses and organizations. Here are some of its key features and specifications:

**User Support:**
– Supports up to 500 users, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

**Concurrent Calls:**
– Supports up to 75 concurrent calls, allowing multiple users to make calls simultaneously.

**Zero Configuration Provisioning:**
– Built-in support for easy provisioning of Grandstream SIP endpoints, simplifying device setup.

**Conferencing and Meetings:**
– Includes a built-in conferencing and meetings platform that supports desktop, mobile app, and SIP endpoints. This feature enables collaboration through audio and video conferencing.

**Wave App Compatibility:**
– Compatible with the Wave app for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, enabling communication with all UCM6300 users and solutions.

**API for Integrations:**
– Offers an API that can be used for third-party integrations, including CRM and project management platforms.

**Advanced Security:**
– Provides advanced security features such as secure boot, unique certificates, and random default passwords to protect calls and accounts.

**Network Ports and PoE+ Support:**
– Equipped with three Gigabit auto-sensing RJ45 network ports with integrated PoE+ support for powering connected devices. It also includes NAT router functionality.

**NAT Firewall Traversal:**
– Offers automated NAT firewall traversal services to facilitate secure remote connections.

**Codec Support:**
– Supports various voice and video codecs, including Full-Band Opus voice codec and H.264/H.263/H.263+/H.265/VP8 video codecs. It also has jitter resilience to handle packet loss.

**GDMS Compatibility:**
– Compatible with GDMS (Grandstream Device Management System) for cloud-based setup, management, and monitoring.

**Telephony Operating System:**
– Based on the Asterisk open-source telephony operating system, version 16.

The Grandstream UCM6301 is designed to provide businesses with a versatile and feature-rich IP PBX solution for effective communication and collaboration.


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