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Hikvision DS-K1A8503F Fingerprint Access Control

The Hikvision DS-K1A8503F Fingerprint Access Control System offers several key features:

– **2.4-Inch LCD Screen:** It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen for displaying the time and relevant information.

– **Remote Fingerprint Management:** You can remotely add fingerprints to the system, making it convenient for administration.

– **Fast and Accurate Recognition:** The system provides accurate and fast fingerprint recognition, with recognition times of less than 1 second.

– **User and Event Capacity:**
– Maximum of 1,000 users
– Maximum of 1,000 fingerprints
– Maximum of 100,000 event records

– **Stand-Alone Operation:** It supports stand-alone operation, allowing you to locally add user information, cards, and fingerprints.

– **Data Export:** You can export swipe card data and attendance reports to a USB flash drive for easy data management.

– **Shift and Schedule Configuration:** The system allows the configuration of up to 32 normal shifts, 32 man-hour shifts, and 32 attendance vacation schedules.

– **Automatic Attendance Report Generation:** It automatically generates attendance reports, streamlining attendance management.

– **Tamper Alarm:** The system includes a tamper alarm feature for added security.

– **Multi-Language Support:** It supports multiple languages, including English, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian.

The Hikvision DS-K1A8503F is a versatile and user-friendly fingerprint access control system suitable for various applications, offering efficient and secure access management.

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The Hikvision DS-K1A8503F Fingerprint Access Control System comes with a range of system parameters and features:

– **Fingerprint Recognition:**
– Recognition Length: 1:N (Up to 1000 fingerprints)
– Recognition Time: <1 second

– **Operation System:** Linux

– **Fingerprint Module:** Optical fingerprint module

– **Storage:**
– Users: 1,000
– Events: 100,000

– **Fingerprint Performance:**
– FRR (False Rejection Rate): <0.1%
– FAR (False Accept Rate): <0.001%
– Fingerprint Capacity: 1,000

– **Device Interfaces:**
– Communication Mode: Ethernet 10/100Mbps self-adaptive; EHome
– USB Interface: USB2.0

– **General:**
– SSR (Self-Service Reports): Stand-alone operation, generate attendance information, and export reports via USB interface
– LCD Screen: 2.4-inch (320×240 LCD-TFT video display screen)
– Keyboard: Physical buttons (No backlight)
– Power Supply: 12 VDC/1 A
– Audio: 1 Buzzer and 1 Loudspeaker
– Installation: Wall mount with or without Gang Box
– Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
– Working Temperature: -10°C to 30°C (5.51″ x 6.01″ x 1.18″)

The Hikvision DS-K1A8503F is a robust and efficient fingerprint access control system with the capability to store up to 1,000 user fingerprints and 100,000 event records. It offers fast and accurate fingerprint recognition and can be used in various access control applications with its user-friendly interface and reliable performance.


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