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The Matrix ETERNITY NENXIP50 IP PBX offers a converged platform that combines various communication technologies into a unified system. It provides the following key features:

1. **Converged Platform:** ETERNITY NENXIP50 intelligently integrates different communication interfaces, including FXO (CO), GSM/3G, and VOIP networks, into a single unified platform. This convergence allows for efficient communication routing and cost-effective call management.

2. **LDAP Client Support:** The system supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), which is an application protocol used for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an IP network. With LDAP client support, users can easily access and manage information within the organization’s LDAP directory.

3. **Flexible Telephone Alternatives:** ETERNITY NENXIP50 offers flexibility in choosing telephone options for office communication. Users can select from a range of phone alternatives, including analog phones, IP phones, and mobile phones, to serve as office extensions. This flexibility enables organizations to optimize their communication resources and adapt to different user preferences and needs.

These features make ETERNITY NENXIP50 a versatile and adaptable IP PBX solution for businesses, providing unified communication capabilities while supporting various telephone options and LDAP directory integration.

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The Matrix ETERNITY NENXIP50 IP PBX is a versatile communication solution designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Here are some of its key features and capabilities:

**Converged Platform:** ETERNITY NENXIP50 is a converged platform that seamlessly integrates various communication technologies, including FXO (CO), GSM/3G, and VOIP networks. It intelligently selects the most cost-effective route for local, mobile, or long-distance calls, helping to reduce telephony costs.

**LDAP Client Support:** The system supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), allowing users to access and maintain information services within the distributed directory over an IP network. This feature facilitates easy access to the organization’s LDAP directory.

**Flexible Phone Options:** ETERNITY NENX offers flexibility in phone options, including analog phones, IP phones, and mobile phones as office extensions. This flexibility optimizes the use of organizational resources and can significantly reduce monthly telephone bills.

**Call Budgeting:** The system provides call budgeting features for both trunk lines and extensions. It allows for toll control to manage trunk line usage effectively, call duration control to limit lengthy conversations, and least-cost routing to minimize call costs. Mobile Closed User Groups (CUG) and force-field dialing are also supported for cost-effective calling.

**Improved Staff Productivity:** The system offers various convenience features and productivity-enhancing tools to improve staff productivity. These include auto redial, distinctive ringing for incoming calls, conference assistance, hotlines for quick connectivity, and priority call handling for important numbers.

**Extend Business Reach:** Mobile workers can fully utilize the features of the ETERNITY NENXIP50 system on their mobile phones, enhancing customer responsiveness and enabling quick decision-making. Features like sharing voicemail, dial plans, and class of services from mobile devices are supported.

**Future-Proof Solution:** The modular architecture of the system allows for easy expansion and the addition of optional interfaces as needed in the future. It supports open-standard SIP protocols and features built-in call routing gateway capabilities.

**Ease of Management:** The system is designed for ease of management, eliminating the need for dedicated IT staff. Users can make minor changes themselves, such as allocating class of services, adding or removing extensions, and configuring voicemail, through a web-based management interface. Multiple language support and system localization based on country-specific parameters are included.

Overall, the Matrix ETERNITY NENXIP50 IP PBX is a feature-rich and scalable communication solution that helps businesses enhance their communication capabilities, reduce costs, and improve productivity while offering ease of management and future-proofing options.


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