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Morpho Smart MSO 1350 Reader

The Morpho Smart MSO 1350 reader is an all-in-one solution that excels in performing Enrollment, Verification, and Identification tasks. Here are some of its notable features:

– **FIPS 201 and MINEX Compliance:** The device complies with FIPS 201 and MINEX standards, ensuring its reliability and security.

– **Feature Extractor & Match-on-Board:** It incorporates a feature extractor and onboard matchmaker, enhancing its capabilities for fingerprint recognition.

– **FBI PIV IQ Certification:** The device holds FBI PIV IQ certification, demonstrating its accuracy and reliability.

– **Postiche Thumb Detection:** It includes postiche thumb detection, adding an extra layer of security to the fingerprint recognition process.

– **Extensive Security Features:** The device offers a wide range of security features, including encryption and digital signature support, to safeguard sensitive data.

– **Smartcard Reader Integration:** It can integrate with a smartcard reader, making it suitable for Match-on-Card applications, where fingerprint matching is performed on the smartcard itself.

The Morpho Smart MSO 1350 reader is a comprehensive solution that ensures accurate and secure fingerprint enrollment, verification, and identification, meeting various security and compliance standards.

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The Morpho Smart MSO 1350 reader offers the following key features:

– **Pocket-Sized USB Device:** This compact USB device is easy to carry and use.

– **Enrolment, Authentication, and Identification:** It supports functions for enrolment, authentication, and identification, making it versatile for various applications.

– **3-in-1 Sensor:** The device features a 3-in-1 sensor for enhanced capabilities.

– **Match-on-Device and Match-on-Card:** It supports “Match-on-Device” and “Match-on-Card” modes, enhancing security and performance.

– **Strength and Performance:** The device incorporates optical technology and the latest algorithms from Morpho, ensuring robust performance.

The Morpho Smart MSO 1350 reader is a reliable and powerful solution for enrolment, authentication, and identification purposes, and its pocket-sized design adds to its convenience.


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