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NEC IP7WW-008U-C1 8Hybrid / Analog Extensions Board


model : IP7WW-008U – C1

Condition : novel

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The NEC IP7WW-008U-C1 is an 8-Hybrid/Analog Extension Add-In Card designed to expand the capabilities of your communication system. Here are some of its key features:

– **Universal Slot Compatibility:** This card can be installed into the universal slot of your NEC communication system, providing you with additional extension ports for your hybrid or analog devices.

– **8 Hybrid/Analog Extension Ports:** The card offers 8 extension ports, allowing you to connect a variety of hybrid or analog devices such as phones, fax machines, or other communication endpoints.

– **Connector Types:** It includes 4 RJ61 connectors, making it easy to connect your devices to the card.

– **Trunk Daughter Board Connector:** The card also features a trunk daughter board connector, enabling you to connect additional trunk lines to your communication system for external communication.

– **Element 110 Console Compatibility:** You can connect the Element 110 console to port No. 8 on this card, expanding your console capabilities and enhancing your communication options.

This card is a valuable addition to your NEC communication system, providing you with the flexibility to expand your communication network and connect a range of devices. It can help improve the efficiency and functionality of your business communication in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or wherever it is deployed.


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