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Yeastar GSM Module – 1 GSM Trunk


Yeastar GSM module – i GSM Trunk

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The Yeastar GSM Module – 1 GSM Trunk is a modular expansion module that allows you to add a GSM trunk to your Yeastar IP-PBX system, such as the MyPBX Series. Here are some key features and benefits of this module:

1. **Modular Design:** Yeastar’s modular design allows you to add or remove input and output channels by using different modules, providing flexibility in configuring your IP-PBX system.

2. **Remote Connectivity:** The GSM module enables your PBX system to use GSM SIM cards, which is particularly useful in remote areas where there are no physical phone lines available. This feature allows you to extend your communication reach.

3. **Cost Savings:** By using a GSM SIM card, you can take advantage of cost-effective call rates available through GSM connections. This can result in significant cost savings for your business communications.

4. **Compatibility:** The Yeastar GSM module is compatible with the entire Yeastar MyPBX Series, including the latest S-Series PBX systems. It seamlessly integrates with your existing Yeastar IP-PBX setup.

5. **Quad-Band GSM:** This module operates on the 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 megahertz bands, making it compatible with a wide range of GSM networks.

6. **SIM Card Insertion:** Inserting a SIM card into this module is as simple as inserting one into a cell phone, making it easy to set up and configure.

Overall, the Yeastar GSM Module – 1 GSM Trunk is a valuable addition to your Yeastar IP-PBX system, providing connectivity options, cost savings, and remote accessibility. It’s a great choice for businesses looking to expand their communication capabilities.


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