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Yeastar S20 FXO VoIP PBX


The S-Series is a user-friendly, reliable, and feature-rich communication system designed to significantly enhance efficiency and cost savings for small and medium-sized businesses. This innovative series harnesses the capabilities of unified communications, offering exceptional flexibility through its field-upgradable modular design. It enables seamless connectivity to traditional phone lines, VoIP lines, and cellular networks.

What sets the S-Series apart is its future-proof design. It seamlessly integrates business-enhancing features and provides free software updates to ensure that it grows with your business and maintains its reliability over the years. This means you can adapt to changing communication needs without having to replace your entire system, making it a valuable investment for your business.

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The Yeastar S20 FXO VoIP PBX offers a range of features and capabilities to enhance your business communication. Here are some of its key features:

1. **Linkus UC Node for Desktop and Mobile**: Allows you to stay connected using both desktop and mobile devices.

2. **Compatibility**: Works with SIP/IAX2, PSTN lines, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, GSM/3G/4G, providing flexibility in connectivity.

3. **Built-in Call Recording**: Capability to record calls for monitoring and quality assurance.

4. **Powerful Apps (Add-ons)**: Includes a variety of powerful apps such as Linkus Server, Auto Provision, LDAP, Conference Panel, VPN Server, Bulletin App, Hotel App, and more.

5. **Remote Management**: Easily control and manage your customer premises PBX remotely for efficient administration.

6. **Integration**: Convenient integration with call centers, Property Management Systems (PMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

7. **Multi-Site Connectivity**: Connect multiple sites and external users seamlessly, facilitating efficient communication.

8. **Low Power Consumption**: Designed for energy efficiency with power consumption ranging from 1.8 to 59.1 watts.

9. **Automated Attendant (IVR)**: Set up an automated attendant for efficient call handling.

10. **Call Recording**: Allows for call recording for quality control and reference.

11. **Call Forwarding**: Easily forward calls to the appropriate extension or device.

12. **Caller ID**: Identify incoming callers with Caller ID.

13. **Contacts**: Manage and access contact information efficiently.

14. **Dial by Name**: Quickly find and dial contacts by name.

15. **Do Not Disturb (DND)**: Activate DND mode when you don’t want to be disturbed.

16. **Multi-Language Support**: Supports multiple languages for system prompts and user interfaces.

17. **Music on Hold**: Keep callers engaged with music while on hold.

18. **Voicemail**: Provides voicemail functionality for missed calls.

These features make the Yeastar S20 FXO VoIP PBX a versatile and powerful solution for your business communication needs. You can contact an authorized supplier in UAE, such as, to get the best price and purchase this product.


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