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ESSL (EX16) Elevator Controller

ESSL ( EX16 ) Elevator restrainer Supports both RFID and fingerprint slave reader 7

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Introducing the ESSL (EX16) Elevator Controller:

– Elevator Controller Model: EC10
– Control Floor Buttons: Supports control of up to 10 floors.
– Fingerprint Capacity: Can store up to 3,000 fingerprints for secure access.
– Proximity Card Capacity: Accommodates up to 30,000 proximity cards for convenient entry.
– Event Capacity: Records a vast history of up to 100,000 events for tracking and monitoring.
– Power Supply: Operates on a 12V DC power supply with 1A current.
– Communication to Computer: Connects to a computer via Ethernet and RS485 interfaces.
– Communication to EX16 Boards: Utilizes RS485 communication to interface with the EX16 boards.
– Supported EX16 Boards: Can support up to 3 EX16 boards simultaneously.
– EX16 Floor Button Control Relay: Equipped with 16 relays for efficient floor button control.
– Communication to EC10: Interfaces with EC10 via RS485 communication.
– RS485 Address Configuration: RS485 addresses are set using a dip switch for easy setup.

The ESSL (EX16) Elevator Controller is a reliable and feature-rich solution for efficient access control and elevator management.


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