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YEASTAR D30 Expansion Module


The Yeastar EX08 Expansion Card is designed to enhance the capacity of your Yeastar MyPBX S100 and S300 Series IP PBX systems. Here are some key details about the EX08 Expansion Card:

1. **Onboard Module Slots:** The EX08 Expansion Card features four onboard module slots. These slots allow you to add various expansion modules to your PBX system, increasing its capabilities and functionality.

2. **User Interface:** The card includes eight user interfaces on the panel. These interfaces provide connections for the expansion modules and allow you to easily expand your PBX system.

3. **Compatibility:** The EX08 Card is specifically compatible with Yeastar MyPBX S100 and S300 Series PBX systems. It is not supported on other models.

4. **Expansion Capacity:** When used with the Yeastar S100 system, it can support a maximum of two EX08 cards. If you have the Yeastar S300 system, it can accommodate up to three EX08 cards. This flexibility allows you to tailor your system’s capacity to your specific requirements.

5. **Purpose:** The main purpose of the EX08 Expansion Card is to expand the capacity of your PBX system. It provides additional slots and interfaces for adding expansion modules, such as FXO, FXS, or BRI modules, to enhance your communication capabilities.

6. **Expansion Value:** Each D30 module you add to your system provides support for an additional 100 extensions and 30 concurrent calls. This means that if you add one D30 module, you can have 100 more extensions and handle an additional 30 concurrent calls.

By using the Yeastar EX08 Expansion Card and compatible modules, you can customize and expand your PBX system to meet the communication needs of your business. This modularity and scalability make it a versatile solution for businesses of various sizes.

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The Yeastar D30 Expansion Module is an essential addition for enhancing the capacity of S-Series PBX systems. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

1. **Expansion for S100 and S300 Systems:** The D30 module is compatible with Yeastar S100 and S300 IP PBX systems, allowing you to expand the capacity of these systems as needed.

2. **Increased User Capacity:** For each D30 module added to your system, you can increase the maximum number of users by 100. This provides flexibility for growing businesses with expanding communication needs.

3. **Concurrent Call Capacity:** With the addition of the D30 module, you can also increase the concurrent call capacity by 30, ensuring that your communication lines remain open even during peak times.

4. **Easy Installation:** The D30 module is designed for straightforward installation. It can be easily integrated into the motherboard of your S100 or S300 system.

5. **Flexible Configuration:** Depending on your requirements, you can use up to one D30 module with the S100 system and up to two modules with the S300 system.

6. **Cost-Effective Expansion:** Instead of investing in an entirely new system, the D30 module offers a cost-effective way to expand your communication capabilities, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale up.

7. **Reliable Performance:** Yeastar is known for its reliable and high-quality communication solutions, ensuring that your expanded system operates smoothly.

By adding the Yeastar D30 Expansion Module to your S100 or S300 IP PBX system, you can accommodate more users and handle increased call volumes, ultimately improving your business’s communication efficiency.


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