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D-Link DVX-2020 IP PBX


The D-Link PBX organization is designed to provide essential telephone features that cater to the needs of medium to enterprise-level businesses. Some of the key features offered by the D-Link PBX include:

1. **Call Forwarding:** Users can easily set up call forwarding to redirect incoming calls to another number or extension. This feature ensures that calls are never missed, even when employees are on the move.

2. **Call Hold:** Call hold allows users to put an active call on hold temporarily. This is useful when users need to attend to another call or gather information before continuing the conversation.

3. **Follow Me:** Follow Me, also known as Find Me/Follow Me, allows users to have their calls forwarded to multiple devices or numbers in a specific sequence. This ensures that important calls reach them, regardless of their location.

4. **Voicemail:** Voicemail functionality allows callers to leave messages when the recipient is unavailable. Users can access their voicemail messages at their convenience.

5. **Auto-Attendant:** The integrated auto-attendant feature greets callers with pre-recorded messages and guides them through menu options to reach their desired department or extension. It helps improve call routing and enhances the professionalism of the organization.

6. **Hunt Group:** Hunt groups distribute incoming calls to a group of extensions or users based on a predefined sequence. If the first extension in the group is busy, the call is automatically routed to the next available extension in the list.

These features collectively streamline communication processes within the organization, ensuring that calls are efficiently managed, and callers are directed to the right personnel or department. D-Link’s PBX system enhances productivity and customer service by providing these essential telephony features.

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The D-Link DVX-2020 IP PBX is a feature-rich communication solution designed to meet the needs of businesses. Here are the key specifications and features of the DVX-2020 IP PBX:

**Network Features:**
– DDNS Client
– DHCP Server
– IPv4 / IPv6 / IEEE802.1Q
– IP assignment (PPPoE / DHCP / Static)
– SNMP v1 / v2
– TR069
– Static Route Table
– Troubleshooting (Ping / Traceroute)
– VPN Client (L2TP / PPTP / OpenVPN / N2N / IPSec)
– VPN Server (L2TP / PPTP / OpenVPN / IPSec)
– Logs (PBX Log, Web Access Log, PBX Debug Log)

**Hardware Interfaces:**
– 1 Reset Button
– 1 Power Interface
– 2 Ethernet Interfaces
– 1 Console Interface
– 1 USB Interface
– Slots 1/2 for Analog Expansion

**Hardware Specifications:**
– Processor: Dual-core A7 1GHz
– Storage: 8GB MicroSD Card
– Power Supply: Input AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz; Output DC 12V/2A

– Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
– Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 55°C

– Voicemail storage: 36,000 minutes (.gsm); 4,000 minutes (.wav)

**Codecs & Protocols:**
– Audio Codecs: G.722 / G.711 – Ulaw / G.711-Alaw/726 / G.729 / GSM / SPEEX
– Video Codecs: H.261 / H.263 / H.263+/H.264
– Protocols: SIP (RFC3261)/IAX2
– DTMF: RFC2833 / SIP INFO / In-Band

The D-Link DVX-2020 IP PBX offers a range of network features, hardware interfaces, and support for various codecs and protocols to enable reliable and efficient communication within your organization. It also provides Voicemail capabilities and supports a variety of VPN protocols for secure communication. This IP PBX is suitable for businesses looking for a versatile and scalable communication solution.


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