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YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card


The YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card is a valuable addition to your communication system, especially when you need to expand your RJ11 interfaces. This expansion card provides you with the flexibility to enhance your communication capabilities by adding up to four modules, and it supports a variety of options, including:

1. S2 Module: Ideal for expanding your SIP trunking capabilities.
2. O2 Module: Offers additional FXO ports for connecting analog phone lines.
3. SO Module: Used for extending your ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) connections.
4. BRI Module: Expands your BRI interfaces, useful for ISDN communication.
5. GSM Module: Enables GSM connectivity for mobile communication.
6. CDMA Module: Provides CDMA support for specific communication needs.
7. UMTS Module: Enhances your communication system with UMTS capabilities.

With the YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card, you can mix and match these modules according to your specific requirements, allowing you to tailor your communication setup to meet your organization’s needs effectively.

Whether you need additional analog lines, ISDN connections, or mobile communication support, the YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card offers you the flexibility and expandability you require.

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Introducing the YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card

Enhance your Yeastar S100 and S300 communication systems with the YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card. This expansion board is designed to provide additional capabilities and flexibility to your existing setup.

Key Features:
– Model: YEASTAR EX08
– Expansion Table with 4 Module Slots
– Compatible with Yeastar S100 and S300 Systems
– Supports Up to 4 Optional Modules/8 Ports
– Compatible Modules Include O2, S2, B2, GSM, UMTS, and CDMA
– Allows Adding Up to 2 Expansion Cards to S100 and 3 to the S300

The YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card offers you the ability to expand your communication system by adding up to 4 optional modules, providing 8 additional ports for enhanced connectivity and functionality. These modules can include O2, S2, B2, GSM, UMTS, and CDMA options, allowing you to customize your system to meet your specific communication needs.

Whether you require more capacity for voice, data, or other communication services, the YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card makes it easy to scale up your Yeastar S100 and S300 systems. Purchase this expansion card from our authorized supplier at a competitive price and have it delivered to UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and beyond. Upgrade your communication capabilities effortlessly with the YEASTAR EX08 Expansion Card.


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